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This training is developed for Broadcast editors and those who want to handle complex multimedia projects.


It covers the use of several applications within Adobe Creative Cloud 2020, used for audio and video creation.

In this Video Workflow training we´ll take all the advantages that come from the integration of Adobe apps, speeding up processes and eliminating intermediate steps.


Target audiences

Professional video editors who want to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Video and Audio products as a set.



Support On Demand

This service is the evolution of the official Adobe training.

This service is aimed at those who buy video solutions from Adobe, so they can have access to qualified support, troubleshooting or information requirements about equipment and recommended configurations, and other related equipment to use with Adobe Premiere Pro and other audio and video applications from Adobe Creative Cloud.


By using this service they can make informed decisions to get the most out of their video and audio workflows.


This Support program applies to the following products from Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 and beyond:

Prelude, Premiere Pro, Audition and Adobe Media Encoder.


For more information on thiese services please contact me at this link



Workstation Consulting

Audit Service for Workstations Selection & Configuration


This is a consulting service aimed at collaborating with companies that wish to acquire Workstations, which will be used with Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 and beyond, Audio and Video products.


We analize the kind and size of the user´s projects, how are the Apps handled, and the assets that will be used, in order to enhance the overall performance of the Workstations.


Based on this information, configurations and profiles will be generated, so that  Work Stations are adequately sized to execute the analyzed tasks in the best possible way, taking into account the best cost-benefit ratio.